Body Repairs

Had A Nasty Bump Or Graze?

Need your car looking new again?

PR Automotive carry out professional car repairs every day from simple scratch and graze removal to more serious dent fixing, we have seen and done it all.

Don’t let your car sit on your driveway damaged or be embarrassed about your chewed-up rims, get yourself booked in with us and your car looking brand new today! We offer free no-obligation quotes for all our work.


Vehicle Servicing,Tyres & Breaks

Are Tyres & Break Pad Important?

BPR Autos provide expert vehicle servicing, from general car health checks to full diagnostics and engine repair we do it all.


Your car tyres will wear down over time and depending on how many miles you put on your car every year you may need to replace your tyres or get them checked more frequently. From simple puncture repair to tyre replacements BPR Autos mechanics are all professionally trained and will get you back up and running in no time at all.

Having a new set of tires will provide a cushion of safety for the next 65,000 to 100,000 miles of the vehicle’s life (depending on the tire tread-wear rating). At the same time, new tires increase the ability of your vehicle to stop, go and turn. Don’t wait until your tread has been worn completely from the surface of your tires before you get around to replacing them. This is commonly known as “bald” tires and is a very dangerous condition. Tires are generally rated to last a set number of miles when you buy them. However other factors can reduce the service life of your tires, such as driving conditions and habits.


Just like you tyre, car brake pads need to be checked, especially if you’re about to go on a long trip! Get yourself booked in to have your brake pads checked over a member of our team and we can give you a free no-obligation quote if they need to be replaced. If you have noticed your brakes preforming badly you should get them checked right away, you may notice grinding, sponginess or a soft brake pedal, these are all signs that your brake pads need replacing.

Vehicle Diagnostics, Coding and Remapping

Vehicle Diagnostics, Coding And Remapping

Vehicle Diagnostics

All modern cars contain on-board computers that monitor or control things like emissions levels, engine temperature and even windscreen wipers. When things go wrong, these computers produce error codes which can only be read with vehicle diagnostics equipment. You may see a warning light on your dashboard, but these only give a small part of the full picture.


Car coding is a relatively new thing in the automotive world, and it implies software modifications to a vehicle to allow the use of functions not available in the car when it left the factory for different reasons, mainly local regulations. Coding does not imply changing the software! It only changes preprogramed options already existent in the software.

Furthermore, most vehicles have limitations and other restrictions. With the help of coding, a user can change the chimes on their car, set how many times its one-touch signal flickers for one touch, remember settings for Start/Stop systems, and more. Coders can also activate cornering headlights with fog lights, deactivate some buzzing sounds, and enable multiple functions of the comfort module.

Naturally, the things that can be done through coding depend on each car model, so don’t imagine it can do wonders for a vehicle that hasn’t got too many features in its configuration. This is where you need to find the “Cheat sheet” for your car and think what options do you want modified.

Vehicle Remapping

A vehicle remap replaces default software on the ECU (Engine Control Unit), overwriting it with new software which can be programmed to optimize the cars overall performance. This is known as vehicle remapping because the ECU is essentially a program that controls how the engine works. When your car is remapped, the tuned software is plugged into your cars serial port (or OBD port) which then overwrites the engine map with the new version to enhance engine performance. The ability to flash directly through the OBD has brought the tuning industry on leaps and bounds, with constant development on the engine now being much quicker via the flash process; it has enabled Celtic Tuning to develop some of the best software in the world.

There are many reasons to choose vehicle remapping. Firstly, you will notice that your engine responds better when the accelerator is pressed. The overall torque and power will be noticeably increased. Power delivery will be smoother making for a much safer driving experience, which in turn also makes it easier and safer to overtake. During normal driving you will notice that your MPG is better which not only decreases the cost of fuel that you will have to pay, but it also minimizes your carbon foot print. Throttle response will be improved and the rev range will be enhanced.

Bike Mechanic

Bike Mechanic

We offer a wide range of services that cover any issue you may be having with your motorbike, scooter or even trike. Our services range from engine repairs and servicing to motorbike auto electrical repairs. We cover all repairs and servicing to all makes and models of quads, motorbikes, scooters and trikes, From a 1965 BSA C15 to a 2018 Harley Davidson Iron that needs a service. With BPR Automotive, you can be sure our team of fully qualified and specialist technicians will be able to help resolve your bike’s issues and get you back on the road quickly and efficiently.

Here at BPR Autos, we have expert knowledge combined with a real passion for motorbikes, having assisted at major motocross arena events, sponsored track meetings and trials for many years. Due to this experience, we believe that we can offer an unrivalled specialist service to get your motorbike, scooter or quad back on the road as quickly as possible. No matter where you are in London we not only offer a garage service for all your motorbike needs but also a fully mobile service making our mobile motorbike repair a convenient answer to your problems. We have a motorbike repair garage in the London area. If your motorcycle needs a larger repair we can offer you collection and delivery of your motorbike, quad bike or scooter. Our motorbike mechanics are ready to help you

Break Down Recovery

Did Your Vehicle Broke Down?

BPR Autos know that it can be stressful and annoying so we are here to recover your vehicle in a quick and professional manner

Roadside Break Down Recovery

BPR Autos is your one-stop shop for roadside emergency break down recovery in the Greater London. We offer a professional high-quality service for all types of vehicles, if you are in an emergency and need roadside recovery assistance now please call 07934 919 941 we are available 24/7 365 days of the year!

Motorway Break Down Recovery

At BPR Autos no job is to big! We are happy to recover your broken-down vehicle on the motorway. BPR Autos are motorway break-down recovery experts in the Greater London.

Valet & Detailing

Vehicle Valet & Detailing

Our car valeting services are available throughout South East London.

Please ask and our team will come to you, making your car valeting easy and effortless – call on 07934 919 941.

We offer specialist services such as Paint Protection systems, which gives your vehicle an outstanding shine for up to two years, and specialist cabriolet hood and reproofing. We are fully insured and use state of the art equipment.

A car is many people’s first investment, and is certainly one of the most expensive, especially if you don’t look after your vehicle. Industry experts are constantly searching for ways to help car owners save money and to take better care of their cars, and one of the best ways you can extend the life of your vehicle is to pay for professional valeting.

One of the benefits of using our professional valeting service rather than paying out for various products and attempting to do it yourself is that there will be no room for error. Every car owner has been in the position where they have felt out of their depth when fixing an issue or when choosing what cleaning products to use. BPR Automotive’s valeting services will take these worries away, and can add years to your vehicle in the long run. Crash / Body Repair

Had an accident or something happen to your car?
BPR Auto offer professional and expert car repair services from minor bumps and scratches to more serious body repair services.

Pick Up & Drop Off

Deliver Your Vehicle To Your Door Step

We offer an expert vehicle pick up and drop off service

Weather you need a vehicle moved from dealership to dealership or right to your front door you can trust BPR Autos to give you a professional service all the way through. We will deliver vehicles from Wigan to nationwide and will transport vehicles within the Greater London Area.

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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Problem In Your Car?

Having your car’s air conditioning go out suddenly can ruin your day fast. The most common causes of broken air conditioning are leaks or compressor issues. If your air is blowing cool but not cold, the problem could be a clogged filter, cooling fan problem, radiator trouble, or it could simply be that you need to recharge your AC.

We’ll test your system for pressure leaks or contamination as well as check for worn hoses and seals

Clutch & Timing Belts

Clutch And Timing Belt Repairs

At BPR AUTOS We Do Clutch And Timing Belt Replacement On All Tends To Make And Models Of Automobiles

We only fit the quite highest quality timing belts and tensioners

Replacement of Timing Belt

It is the timing belt that controls the engine valve of a car. This belt is an important part of the internal combustion engine. In case, it gets broken, potential damage will occur to the engine compelling you to spend a lot of bucks on its replacement. While providing you the service, we can assure you of one thing- you will get quality replacement parts and workmanship from our end.

Replacement of Clutch

A car clutch is indeed the toughest mechanical part that consists of pressure plate, bearings, and clutch plate. Selection of gears depends heavily on the clutch of the engine. Its proper functioning is very important to keep the speed of the vehicle in check.

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Carbon & DPF Clean

Engine Carbon, DPF & Injector Cleaning

At BPR AUTOS we can clean inside of your vehicle’s fuel system. By removing carbon, we can improve engine performance, reduce emissions, and reduce costs by increasing component lifespan.

At BPR AUTOS we have trained professionals who understand and implement engine diagnostics to identify and resolve carbon-related problems. At BPR AUTOS cleaning includes clean injectors, combustion chambers, EGR Valves, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) as well as sensors to help achieve optimum engine efficiency.

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Vehicle Inspection

Here Are Things We Are Required to Look At And Verify There Aren’t Problems With During a Car Inspection:

► Tires ► Batteries
► Brakes ► Exterior
► Safety Lights ► Windshield
► Wipers ► Engine
► Fluid ► Levels Belts
► Hoses Exhaust System ► Steering and Suspension

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